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Best of luck for the Virgin media competition.

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Film Competition – Virgin Media

Adam Giles

Background, opposite to ordinary.

Sir Peter Scott was wise and organised, plus educated and dedicated.

He harnessed generations of expertise when he appointed Josh Scot, ex wild fowler, to be the first Head warden at WWT. Russel Lyon’s book, Vet for Hire, calls Josh Scot, poacher turned game keeper, but he also describes my demise as a sheep farmer in 1975, characterising me as part of a jovial band of fenland characters who were close to being gods new recruits, (hey Russel, I’m still here in 2013).

Sir Peter was organised, I was unplanned and disorganised, but, I inadvertently married into a fenland family that gave us a son that was never going to be boring or ordinary, perhaps even a small bit of jengises genes are in his blood, Wisbech was a thriving sea port at one time.

Adam Giles, Executive Director and media consultant for Giles Landscapes, again bids for fame.

Cambridge Film Works, owned by Adam and his Co Director, Richard Milan, bid to win the Virgin Media short film competition, in contention with actor Richard Heffer and Mark Hampton.

This is a million miles away from the day he left school, his careers officer suggesting, as his options were limited, suggesting that he join his father’s sheep shearing gang, and he did just that.

But the gene of his famous sporting ancestors began to take over in 1986, at the age of fifteen he won his first speed skating race on the Bedford river, bounding the Ouse Washes, eventually lead to winning a UK National title cycling.

The sporting background, meetings on the ice, connections with famous ornithologists, television shows, government jobs, several amazing world trips and expeditions, universities, connections with  the Romany community, plus a blood brother to a Red Indian Tribe, you name it he tried it all, this was a great background for him and Richard to form the Cambridge Film Works.

I’m glad he is perhaps a bit dyslexic like me, missing the plane back from Mongolia, struggling through Russia on the train for three weeks back to Ely, then, a month or two later his amazing Russian wife turns up.

 What has he done for me? I have not got the time at the moment, but it would probably fill many a book.

Just a few things,

 As he was starting his filming career, as freelance, just for me, he put all my old mates (that I met in the 50s and 60s) who were amazing fenland characters, wild fowlers, eel catchers and skaters, on three or four films at Sir Peter Scott’s WWT, Welney. Josh Scot, Erny James etc, if no one is about, I can pop in, switch the films on and have a great chat with them, perhaps the WWT did ask him as well.

He followed our old tin shed fen garden from its first showcase outing at Sir Peter Scot’s WWT through to Sandringham, then on to RHS Chelsea Flower Show, giving us a video on it.

If you scroll down on the blog, you’ll see ‘travels of an old fen shed’.


As my association, re Welney WWT and connection re conservation on the Ouse Washes, gave us credibility, with great ornithologist and animal lover, Mark Constantine (Lush Cosmetics), who in turn sponsored us to build the garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show for Wild Life Trust, to show the general public every garden can be a small nature reserve. (See show reel put together by Adam for sponsorship purposes, where Chris Packham puts the message across that there are 15 million private gardens in the UK, each has the potential to be a small nature reserve).

(scroll down on the Giles blog, heading ‘Chris Packham, Andy Sturgion).

Scroll down on ‘when and where skating pages’, Giles Landscapes to see many films and videos.

The wonderful world of fen skating.

Just one thing I know, he will agree with me on this village of Welney and the Fenland heritage he was bought up in, gave him the chance to achieve anything he wanted to.

I thank my lucky stars, my old boss, Bill Cragg, ex fen man, sent me here from Romney Marsh in 1959, just a message for you Bill, now you are in your mid nineties, please use the train, it is too far for you to regularly drive up to the fens.

Click below for link to video

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