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  1. Foodscaping

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    What I hear you cry is ‘Foodscaping’? Remember ‘The Good Life’ and Tom and Barbara’s back garden?.. Well that was foodscaping! And it looks set to become as big a trend now as it was back then! But this time… it’s a little different… The trend this time around is to actually make your garden …Read More

  2. A Wash Out? Oh no – pale is very interesting!

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    There seems to be a quiet trend emerging for a very unusual colour palette of ghostly grey-violets and pale, almost not there colours evoking the tattered, faded remains of 1920’s silk and lace lingerie and nightwear… Ghostly whispers of blooms reminiscent of dusty boudoirs misty with the powder and perfume of days long gone, coming …Read More

  3. The Wars of the Roses… It Isn’t Over Yet!

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    The Wars of the Roses…  It Isn’t Over Yet! With the media interest in The Wars of the Roses at an all time high and the newly re-found King Richard III set to become as famous as King Henry VIII,  red and white roses are now going to be more popular than ever in British …Read More

  4. There’s Always ‘Space’ To Grow Some Veg!

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    Is your outside space too small to ‘grow your own’? Are you too busy? Have you always fancied a go at growing some vegetables but never got around to it? Well no more excuses! If they can have a vegetable garden in space – then you can too – no matter how small your garden! …Read More

  5. Ragwort – The Siren of the Meadows

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    It seems livestock are not the only creatures who can’t resist the call from this golden femme fatale – the Cinnabar moth counts ragwort amongst its necessary food sources but the difference is , the Cinnabar moth needs ragwort in order to thrive.

  6. Ragwort Hysteria – Fen Ragwort Destroyed at Ely


    Those of you who are regular visitors to this blog will already know my views on Ragwort and my experiences with it (those of you who don’t – please see past blog entries). However over the last few weeks it seems Ragwort Hysteria has hit the Fens due to a blog post on ragwort-hysteriablogspot.com stating …Read More