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  1. Happy Holly-Days!

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    Fancy growing some holly to make your own Christmas decorations? Here’s some of the best varieties but first… a little bit of holly history… Holly has been a symbol of Christmas from the very start but its link to winter celebrations goes even further back deep into the times of superstition, magic and folklore.   …Read More

  2. A Beginners Guide to Growing Sweet Peas

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    It may be gloomy out there and the evenings may be getting darker and the wind windier and the rain… rain…ier – but don’t let winter ‘pea’ you off! Spring will come again and what better way to instill your confidence in warmer days to come than by sowing some sweet peas! Autumn through to …Read More

  3. The Dark Arts of Deadly Nightshade

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    Halloween may be over for another year but there is still something dark and dangerous to be found hiding in hedgerows, woodlands and even your own garden! There has been a lot of hype in the last couple of years about the increase in Deadly Nightshade growing in the UK. I too have noticed that …Read More

  4. All You Ever Need To Know About Pumpkins!

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    It’s that time of year again – when the howls and laughter of spooks and witches mingle with the swirls of Autumn leaves and fingers are nearly severed by parents everywhere attempting to carve out the endless stringy entrails of Halloween pumpkins… Yes for us in Britain – the pumpkin isn’t really the most appetising …Read More

  5. A Warm Glow from an Autumn Memory…

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    The nights are slowly drawing in and thoughts are starting to turn towards cosiness and crumpets! The garden is starting to wind down and attempting to warm itself up with the help of the slow burning embers of late flowering perennials. One such beauty is the stunning Physalis alkekengi – otherwise known to us children …Read More

  6. And it burns, burns, burns – The Ring of Fire!

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    It may be getting colder but there is alot about autumn and winter to look forward to and what better way to enjoy it than to make a fire, toast some marshmallows or sweet chestnuts and the odd jacket potato wrapped up in tin foil secreted into the glowing, crackling depths cooking away as you …Read More

  7. Marsh Ragwort?

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    Could this be Marsh Ragwort… Until the Fenland farming family that owned this Wetland fen field where this photo was taken last year stopped farming, it was grazed by sheep year after year without any problems, But since the field has been empty, the ragwort has once again become dominant. The original farming family had …Read More

  8. Ragwort – The Siren of the Meadows

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    It seems livestock are not the only creatures who cant resist the call from this golden femme fatale the Cinnabar moth counts ragwort amongst its necessary food sources but the difference is , the Cinnabar moth needs ragwort in order to thrive.

  9. Ragwort Hysteria – Fen Ragwort Destroyed at Ely


    Those of you who are regular visitors to this blog will already know my views on Ragwort and my experiences with it (those of you who dont please see past blog entries). However over the last few weeks it seems Ragwort Hysteria has hit the Fens due to a blog post on ragwort-hysteriablogspot.com stating …Read More

  10. From Drought to Flooding and the Problems with Silt

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    In the Spring of 2012 our newsletter (pictured below) included an article about How To Cope With Drought which put forward solutions to keep our landscapes and gardens flourishing.     Shortly after that newsletter went out it started to rain and rain and rain, which has resulted in parts ofEngland experiencing their wettest January …Read More