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Children In Need

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 This week is Children In Need week and Wednesday will see the airing of the DIY SOS Million Pound Build Children In Need special. As you probably know by now our very own Ivor Andrews was part of the team that helped build this project for the Peterborough based charity ‘Little Miracles’ which offers vital support to children with life limiting conditions and their families.

The excitement of getting involved was a great boost just when our company needed a lift. This infectious enthusiasm has prompted another budding supertar to appear within our ranks. QE Emma Baldwin organised together with the help of David Moss of Sky High Imagery logos to be cut in the wildflower meadows at Granta Park to celebrate our 10 year relationship with the science park as well as spreading environmental awareness in the form of wildflower seed spreading in countless gardens.

Now I am sure Emma is close on the heels of our lovely designer Jane ‘Fen’ Besser who holds the record for best idea at Giles for coming up with the idea for the Fenland Alchemist garden for RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2009 which brought unbelievable results putting Giles Landscapes on national TV several times a day for over a week!

Jane Besser

Emma Baldwin


Ivor Andrew

So if Chris Beardshaw and Nick Knowles would like to gain further credibility I would suggest that they are photographed with my three superstars at our local pub in our famous Fenland village of Welney 🙂
Joking apart I would sincerely like to that the BBC team and all the children at the centre who gave us the opportunity to participate in their fantastic project!
Take a look below at the results of Emma’s out of this world idea!
– Roger

The martians have landed?

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