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To National House Builders, how we survived the last recession.

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Wouldn’t you like to come out of the recession well ahead of your competitors?  How can you give your sites the “kerb appeal” you need to achieve this?

No doubt you employ experienced people who are both dynamic and dedicated.  The kind of people who want to achieve, who take pride in their sites and win awards, supplying the customer with a well-presented house, built to an energy-efficient standard, with environmentally-friendly heat pumps and solar panels.  And no doubt you strive to help to create the right kind of environment for a community to develop.  This will include pleasant surroundings with good transport links, cycle-ways and green open spaces, with attractive landscaping and well-executed peripheral planting to shield the site from any nearby commercial developments.

The chances are that you will have done your research and recruited a team who are trained in most of the new technologies, and there will be a plethora of good people who are well-versed in the basic skills needed for infrastructure and site work.

However, the final visual impact of a site depends on the planting and layout.  This is where an enthusiastic, experienced and forward-thinking landscaping specialist is required.

So, as the sector emerges from the financial downturn, why should Giles Landscapes be better placed than its competitors to help you achieve your objectives? 

Let’s look at what we did in the last recession, and how we work now:

  1. A large proportion of our present team were with us during the last recession, landscaping show houses and public open spaces, and carrying out peripheral  and general planting.
  2. Some of these people have now been promoted into senior positions in our management team, with the benefit of all the hands-on experience they gained in the early nineties.
  3.  We  had  monthly  meetings  with  our clients’ Site  Sales Managers, Area Managers, Technical Managers and Build Managers, working as a team to  plan site improvements.
  4. We have worked on a large number of sites in the East Anglia and the East Midland, a big proportion of which have won National House Building Council awards.
  5.  We have our own dedicated design team (Giles Landscapes Design), so we can react quickly if plans need revamping or enhancements are required. The design team is supported by our own landscapers, who carry out these  improvements efficiently and effectively.

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