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Chris Packham, Andy Sturgeon, Jessica 11 year old Designer.

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Jessica, this very assertive young lady, won our Diamond Jubilee competition, designing a wild life garden.

Jessica was in her last year at Queens Way Junior School, Thetford, now the diamond academy.

Jessica completely took charge of me and designer Jane, when we installed this winning garden. One of the focal points was clover rich grassland; Jessica gave Jane and I a mini lecture on wild flower meadows and demonstrated her practical ability by showing us where she had personally planted foxgloves at the edge of a wood.

I canít wait to get over and see how this meadow is progressing; it should be looking great by now.

Earlier in the year it was a bit slow starting due to the cold, but I was pleased to see the school had graduated from bronze to silver status for biodiversity.

See Chris Packham and Andy Sturgeon discussing wild life habitat and meadows in one of our gardens.

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