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Giles Gets Interviewed on Radio 5 Live!

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A while backa chapfromRadio 5rang me to see if I would answer questions on how the government cuts and possible staff layoffswere going to affect us.

Well I’m up for anything me and thought ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’ so I agreed -although I was a bit daunted at the thought of talking on national radio!

Anyway no sooner had I put down the phone, it rings again and there I am listening in live tothe presenter giving a Government minister a hard timeand before I knew where I was I was being introduced and answering questions!

Have a listen here and see what you think:Radio 5 live interview


As predicted – 6 months on things have improved and we have as much work as we can cope with and are taking on new staff! Let’s hope the new optimism that Britain seems to be enjoying is set to last!


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