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Giles Landscapes was on Rogue Traders/Watch Dog but came up smelling of roses!!

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By kind permission of Geoff Robinson, Cambridge Photos.             

By kind permission of Mark Bullimore.

On the 12th Jan 2009, my General Manager, Gary Evison, was minding his own business working in the Giles Landscapes office.

I recieved a phone call, from a TV crew on Welney Wash, who contacted me to give them some ice skating to film, as Giles Landscapes social commitment is to promote Fen speed skating, as per our skating pages on the Giles Landscapes web site.

Gary Evison, who is a silver medallist in line skater, put on his ice skates to burn up the ice, giving them a demo to film.

I was initially very pleased that he had his Giles Landscapes jacket on, as most news programs showed the footage, plus there was an almost full page picture of Gary in the Times.

Customers who recognised him rang in, this was great advertising!

But, Disaster, a couple of days later I went into my local pub and was told that my manager, Gary, was on Watch Dog!

Shocked, we played it back on I-player, and sure enough Gary was on the program, fleetingly ice-skating across the screen, in my Giles Landscapes jacket.

Now probably Matt Allwright and his crew had inadvertently pinched the footage off of the News. But their documentary program was demonstrating a cold blast from the north, which was pushing up heating bills. Suddenly pensioners were receiving large bills, because previously they had had estimated readings on their meters.

But, what goes around comes around, every dog has his day. The following May we, Giles Landscapes, won ‘Gold’ and ‘Best in Show’ at RSH Chelsea Flower Show, with our Fen Alchemist garden.

Maybe we should be in the Guinness Book of Records, I bet there is no other firm featured on Watch Dog/Rogue Traders, and then in the same year, gets Gold at the top show in the World.

I suppose I have managed to turn a negative into a positive. People remember me, at net-working events, when I say, “What’s Giles Landscapes claim to fame? Being on Watch Dog/Rogue Traders program, or winning medals at the RSH Chelsea Flower Show.”

Now what goes around comes around, later that year I was at the Bali Awards ceremony at the Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane, the Chief Executive, Sandra Loto-Jones, said to me “Roger you must meet our compare Matt Allwright”, suddenly in front of me was the man I inadvertently blamed for my manager ice-skating across the Watchdog screen. I saw this as an opportunity to tell Matt that I thought him and his co-presenters, were bigger rogues than the people they had on their program. The poor fellow blurted out that he knew nothing about it and that it was probably just a researcher who placed the footage on the program.

Now he quickly mentioned to me, that if I intended to put one on him, would I kindly leave it until after the awards as he was comparing the show with a 1000 people attending (I hope he understood that it was tongue in cheek humour from me!).

Shortly after this I understand his motorcycle co-presenter did get into some sort of trouble.

  Click on the picture above for a 2012 video of Fen Skating, part of the Lottery funded Family Adams Project by Cambridge Filmworks.


Just for interest, Click the video below for Harley Davidson’s association with the Fens.


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