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Great Walls of China and… Burgh Castle… and Logos

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For those of you who are checking out our blog after reading our editorial in connection with Kier in the Landscape Journal – yes it is our logo that can be seen from a great height – just like the Great Wall of China can – but even I, with my great imagination would be exagerating if I suggested it could be seen from space!

Perhaps a plane lining up to land in Cambridge may catch a glimpse of it cut out in the meadows at Granta Park, Cambridge…

Although seemingly unrelated, it would be true to say that the excitement and fun generated by our own Ivor Andrew who runs the team at Granta teaming up with Nick Knowlesand co on the largest BBC DIY SOS project ever in aid of Children in Need, instigated the idea for these larger than life logos.

The above created a fair amount of energy and positive creative brainstorming in our team where Emma Baldwin came up with idea of of creating the logos cut into the wild flower meadow at Granta park and selling the seeds that were a by-product of cutting the meadow to raise money for Children in Need.

The aerial shots of the logos reminded me of photos I’ve seen of The Great Wall of China taken from the ISS which then reminded me of another project of ours at Burgh Castle.

You may wonder what the great wall of China has to dowith a little village in Norfolk called Burgh Castle…

Well Burgh Castle is home to a very impressive Roman fortification which has often been referred to as The Great Wall of Burgh. We constructed many miles of paths for this project including Breedon gravel, carstone and Tenax.

Just last week we received a new catalogue from Tenax and it surprised me to see pictures of our paths at Burgh Castle gracing its pages!

I wonder if you can see the walls of fort from space?…

If you would like to purchase some of the wildflower seeds in aid of Children in Need, all you have to do is send us a cheque for 2.50 plus 60p P&P made payable to Giles Landscapes Children in Need along with your name and address and we will send you your seeds straight away so next summer you can have your own little piece of wildflower meadow!

– Roger Giles


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