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How much will it cost?

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Your garden is a huge asset. It can be a vibrant, multi-functional extension to your living space, and a properly landscaped garden will greatly increase the value of your home, sometimes as much as 15% (As quoted on

 “People will snoop around outside when they see a house for sale-so external view is paramount”. Paul Finnegan, a director at Savills.

 “A cracking south facing garden can increase a property’s value by between 2 and 10 per cent. If you have two houses worth £800,000, the one with a garden will cost £50,000 more.” George Frank, head of estate agents, Douglas and Gordon in Clapham, South London.

 “If you want to increase the equity value of your home a well landscaped garden will increase the value of your property by at least 6% according to a survey conducted by the National Association of Estate Agents.”

 Therefore a well designed garden can add value to your property just as a well designed kitchen or bathroom can. As with all renovations on your home, working out a realistic budget can be a complicated business. The nature of the landscape design can vary greatly, as can the types of materials you wish to use.

 There are a few simple rules to keep in mind when planning to landscape your garden. It’s important to set your budget to reflect the overall value of your property. You need to start off from the most basic principle of working out the capital value of your property and then not spending more than 10% of that on landscaping, or alternatively think how much you would spend on renovating your kitchen?

 A basic guide to working out how much a professional garden landscaping job should cost in terms of construction and garden materials, is based on a formula of 15-20% for soft works (as in planting, soil works and mulching) and 70-80% for hard landscaping (paving, walls, decks, etc.) and the cost of design 5 to 10 %. This does not include maintenance and it can vary according to things like site size, topography and materials used.

Doing the job yourself might reduce these sorts of costs by about 50 per cent, but you should always be cautious of escalating costs in DIY projects because of landscape design inexperience. Even professional jobs can run over the budget, so it’s important to have a well-written contract in place to prevent expensive and unexpected additions.

Contacting a landscape designer will ensure the job is well planned before a spade hits the ground and kept to your budget. However, even the best planned jobs can not budget for unforeseen costs that can emerge once excavation starts.

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