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Inspire by Anne Hawkins, Build your Tribe.

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Thursday 9th May, Bottisham.

Social media, shall we say soft sell.

Anne’s perception was that you have to be a leader to build a tribe.

The full on sales approach, i.e. I am. I have achieved this, this and this. My company is great. We are the best. These are all a Total No No.

The people, who will buy and sell for you, have to like and trust you, and, believe in you as a tribe. You have to fit the genuine ideology of the group tribe you put together, once the correct criteria is set, people who are less than genuine and only out for themselves will not fit easily.

Anne gave us a Test as follows.

List five attributes each of us could bring to a group.

Mine are below:

 I. My procedures are …………. until someone shows a better, more workable or simplified modern approach.

2. I put great faith in the fact that I feel people, of all classes and creeds, have a right to their own views and culture, often giving great strength to a group by a diversity of ways to problem solve.

3/4. A people person, with an environmental slant.

 I generally get on with most people at many levels, because my father was a butler for the rich and famous. As an estate kid, I rubbed shoulders with the ordinary rank and file, but often, hiding in the bushes observing World rulers, at times having interaction with them, clearly I was developing my environmentally friendly style too. (My father nearly got the sack, I was caught, scooping gold fish out of the pond, at Gatcome Park Estate, with my butterfly net and transferring them to the stream).


 I have an imagination that can, sometimes, turn negatives into positives, see ahead.

Now the second part of our training did involve some fun.

Anne made it quite clear that we were a sad old bunch if all we had in life was our businesses, or we were selling ourselves as ‘me, me, me’, only hearing our own voices.

Our tribal leader told us, hear who has to be obeyed / hear who we are happy to obey.

Please form 2 circles, an inner and an outer.

Then, identify yourself to your partner on the inner circle. (I thought this was great, we are going to have a bit of a barn dance, I waited for the music, but, it did not happen!).

Now, the inner circle was instructed to confide their most memorable / amazing experience to their partner on the outer circle.

I heard some amazing stuff from the young lady who was my partner; she had met a Prince, who was ruler of a Middle East State. This handsome Prince became besotted with her, danced with her all evening in a romantic Middle East setting; finally, she had to turn down his proposal, as her heart belonged to another.

Now, that is the story as I heard it, but, there was more by the time we had all changed partners, repeating the various stories we had been told to 10 or so different partners, until it went full circle. In the end everyone was laughing, not sure of who had done what or what they intended to do.

 Anne had clearly achieved her goal by breaking down the barriers, even the archetypal middle class Brit, who had the uniform of Brit’s on the Costa del Sol, who started off slightly full on, is now eating out of Anne’s hand. Clearly, a decent bloke, listening and willing to change course if needed.

Also, we were getting to know each other’s personalities, for instance, the young lady who met the Prince, had a great personality, but she could push the boundaries a bit, when needed, without totally breaking the rules. She did manage to get me to tell one of my experiences, which, I believe was not in the rules of the game.

The girl who met the prince may have travelled the same deserts.

Take a look at a sneak preview of a 6 part series, London to Beijing, on Cambridge film works.

 Take a look at the poor old camel, being  barbequed in one piece, plus, in one desert they found a dinosaur, but that’s secret, as regards the where abouts, they were searching for jengis.

Adam Giles and Richard Milan, directors of Cambridge Film, took some great shots in amazing places.

I had been introduced to a similar levelling technique before, by my Russian daughter in-law Ekaterina.

My son had ‘hopped’ it for three months, to film an overland trip from London to Beijing.

Just prior to his return, Ekaterina had conscripted me to arrange a secret home coming / 40th birthday party.

We had about 70 people from all stages of his life, so many different factions and levels.

Perhaps a third of them were very reserved speed skaters and cyclists, who, just sipped their orange juice, keeping in their own little bunches.

Ekaterina had arranged big trestle tables in an U shape, in the garden, where she fed everyone. This feeding was swift and well organised, but, the stiff upper lip stuff was still apparent.

Now, Ekaterina clapped her hands to get attention, she made some speeches about her husband’s safe home coming etc.

Then, she made a little remark to me,’ we need to get this party going’, Ekaterina said, ‘Will you all listen to me carefully’, I had experienced Russian culture, where everyone is called on to make a speech, and this did happen but later on.

Ekaterina said, those with partners stay with them, the ones without partners turn to the person on your left, they’re your partner. When I point to you, both stand up and look at each other, first you will tell your partner what you do not like about them, then, what you like about them.

The horror on some of their faces was plain to see, but, they all, in turn had a go. It went down a bomb, in the end some people were falling off their seats laughing, what a party.

This slip of a Russian girl, not much out of her teens, had them eating out of the palm of her hand.

 I can totally recommend the Anne Hawkins, Inspire Group techniques training.

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