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Installation of Winning Garden Design

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You may remember that to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, we held a school competition for pupils to design a wildlife garden for their school. The winning design would then be created at their school by us for free.

The winner of this competition was 11 year old Jessica Evesfrom Queensway Junior and Primary School in Thetford and we have been busy putting the finishing touches to the garden this week.

Already there are 3 frogs in the pond and the womery is up and running so it is only a matter of time before more critters make the garden their home.

The meadow turf is stuffed with wildflower plugs and the plants are all growing well with all this wet weather. Jessica specifically mentioned clover in her design so we used Q lawns wild flower turf and added in extra white and red clover which will give instant wild flower established meadow for next year.

We also left several large rolls of meadow turf at the school for the pupils to take home for their own gardens.

The garden is very much about recycling and sustainability – even the litter bins are carved from solid tree trunks!

We hope the children of Queensway school get a lot out of their new garden and use it to help nurture their appreciation of nature!

How to lay Meadowmat(Wild flower turf documentary)


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