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Lady Florence River Cruise Experience, at Orford Suffolk.

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In one of Anne Hawkins, Inspire Group, ‘grow your tribe’ network meetings, I got more understanding of the people who attended than I had done in a years networking by other methods.

Even John A Haresnape, who I never talked to. Listening to comments from others and seeing comments on the feedback, I am forming the opinion that it would be a magical experience to dine on his river cruiser.

I feel a slight fraud and apologise for putting the bit on earlier re middle class brit etc.

I did get the impression that he was running a similar river cruiser business 6000 miles away, but is bringing it back to the UK. I do hope he keeps to the coastal waters on the way!

It was great to talk to Francine,

although we had met before at various networking venues, I really got to understand her passion for what she does (the French language through cuisine,culture and history).

Francine told me my 4 year old granddaughter, who was already fluently bilingual in Russian and English, because of this would be able, in later life,to learn other languages easily, giving her a head start above single language children.

It was great to meet Tania Vidonk again, MD at Jo Riches Ltd. I had not realised how passionate Tania was about her career.

Alex Bright Photography, Cambridge.

Last but not least, Alex Bright, the moment I talked to Alex she had a mischievous smile, there was clearly a great depth of personality.

I have discovered since that Alex had a year out, travelled the same route (Russia, Mongolia, China and Asia) that my son, Adam of Cambridge Filmworks travelled recently.

Alex found a Prince, Adam found a wife.

I believe Alex’s catch phrase is (Tales from the Bright side) if they are not doing so already, they should be networking, they could recommend each other, as I’m sure they would have much in common.

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