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Our Sandringham Flower Show Diary

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7th July 2010

We are nearly there! Build up starts Monday so what I’ll do from then on (if I get time) istake photos of the build as it comes along and upload them on here – warts and all! If something goes wrong – I’ll tell you – if something goes right – I’ll definitely tell you :). I think it’s going to be a tricky one purely for the reason that we are inside a marquee – and this garden has a lot of height – why has it got a lot of height when its in a marquee I hear you cry – well… because we are mad- that’s why! We do love a challenge and this is going to be one heck of one – did I mention the ground is also on a slope? Should be a very interesting build! I plan to hide here in the office for most of it – venturing out armed with camera and chocolate only occasionally andproperly surfacing when its time for the planting – that is the plan… I don’t think it will quite go that way. But no matter I shall be ready for it -with my trusty clip board and reams of lists!

Whilst I have been writing this – we have just had a delivery of our gorgeous Extex upholstery kindly donated byMarina Mill– it looks fantastic and we are so lucky to have Marina Mill onboard – their outdoor fabric is just lovely! It’s hard to believe that it is for outdoors!

– Jane

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