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Our Sandringham Flower Show Diary

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Day 3

The marquee has gone up today!! It’s one of those traditional ones and I must say it was quite impressive to watch. An army ofworkmen arrived on site and worked like a well oiled machine for the whole morning putting it up. All we could do was nervously watch – keeping our beady eyes on the height of the sides and silently willing the marquee to be as tall as possible.As the canvas at last fell over it, like a shroud over a skeleton, I did feel a little wave of relief – the sides are taller than I thought and we should be ok. Now the site really does look like a Time Team dig and we are attracting rather alot of attention from Sandringham visitors having a peek – as long as the only skeletonis the metal one of the marquee, we will be ok!

Now we can startbuilding the features and getting some height happening and tomorrow the steel arrives!

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