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Our Sandringham Flower Show Diary

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Day 6.. (I think)

Hello! We have had wind trouble the last couple of days!! Not us personally but the Marquee -it all started Thursday afternoon – out of nowhere the wind got up and would not leave us alone! The poor marquee suffered the most and had to have emergency re-inforcements – thankfully it survived the night and more very strong winds. The wind is just starting to settle now so hopefully that will be the end of that! We have had torrential down pours today but that I can cope with – I just don’t like wind!!!!

Everything is going OK – a few small issues but nothing drastic – but still there’s time! Bless them – the lads are working like little beavers and on a saturday too! The slope has caused us a bit of a problem because the marquee has been built up to follow it so now our garden although level, looks a bit wonky as it is not following the line of the marquee – not sure how we are going to get around that yet. Its a new thing for all of us to be building a garden inside – a whole different set of challenges to building a show garden outside.

As I suspected I have had to get my hands dirty – I am chief painter and sealer – so if the paint work looks rubbish – blame me! Although its amazing that any of the paint actually reached what it was supposed to – I ended up with far more on me than anywhere else! Oh and it is black paint… very hard to get off black paint! My face looked like I was going to a french revolution fancy dress party – all I needed was the white wig! However I have now discovered the wonders of Swarfega-does that make me an honorary workman now?

Anyway I am off because I ache all over and need a Magnum ice cream quite desperately!


Shaun working hard!

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