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Our Sandringham Flower Show Diary

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Day…. something

I have been painting – alot! Everyone is being busy little bees and yet still we are behind schedule – our damn concrete won’t dry!! We have now brought in the big guns and out of sheer desperation hired an industrial heater to see if that will help. The lengths we will go to hey! So on a hot summer’s day – our poor lads are inside a big tent with an industrial heater going full blast! Bless them – but heat stroke and severe dehydration is a small sacrifice to pay in the world of show gardens… usually you’re lucky to get away with your sanity kind of intact!

We’ve had the show ground to ourselves for the past week and now slowly the builders of the show gardens are coming onto site to begin their creations. Our plants are starting to arrive tomorrow and hopefully I should be able to start setting them out on Sunday… although the rate in which all our plastering and concrete is drying - who knows… I wonder if it would matter if we left it in its unfinished state and proclaimed it as modern art?….

I can’t really post any more pictures of it now as although we are behind schedule, there is enough of it in existence for it to ruin the surprise – so it will just me be dribbling on incoherently until the day of the show (or perhaps the day after) when I shall post far too many pictures of the finished(?) garden.

All I can say is – I think it is going to be one of those gardens you either love or hate…


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