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Our Sandringham Flower Show Diary

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……detailing our journey towards the garden we are presenting this year, sponsored by Marshalls Toyota in association with the Eastern Daily Press.

20th April 2010

We have just got back from a great visit to Q LAWNS in Thetford (they sell turf, grass seed and landscape supplies). We met their sales and marketing co-ordinator, Angela Lambert, who showed us around the 2000 acre site and is kindly donating some Eviromat sedum matting for our show garden at the Sandringham Flower Show this year. My colleague Steve Hall and I were totally amazed by the size of the sedum and lawn fields all around us were flat, calm seas of emerald green and there in the middle a more undulating mass of green, red and yellow sedum.

Angela told us all about the different types of sedum used which includes Sedum pulchellum, which first came to Britain in the Middle Ages and is supposed to be edible … so, feeling safe, thanks to Angela’s knowledge, we tasted it. Lets just say it tastes very good for you! I reckon a handful of that and you wouldn’t need any vitamin pills for a month! Also in the mix is Sedum acre known to the Romans as Wall Pepper – apparently used by monks in a cream to cure piles ….. (we didn’t try that one).

All in all it was a really fascinating visit about fascinating little plants – the possibilities for sedum are endless and the real bonus with sedum matting is that it’s really sustainable, from the recycled materials used to line it, to the plants themselves that require hardly any watering. A very worthy group of plants that we are definitely hoping to try to use more of in the future!


P.S: The growing medium for Enviromat is 20% organic and includes crushed up tiles recycled from rejects from building companies.

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