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Our Sandringham Flower Show Diary

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10th May 2010

Steve and I have just got back from a very productive and positive meeting with the very clever people at TWI at Granta Park (a science park just outside Cambridge).

TWITecnology Engineering is the founding site of the Welding Institute and these bafflingly clever people are responsible for among other things, component safetyi.e. they figure out where metal can fatigue and fracture and basically keep us safe when we are using anything made of metal – from cars to aeroplanes to artificial organs!

Theyhave been very kind to us and have agreed to help us out with our steelfabrication for Sandringham Flower Show by donating us all our steel work and assisting us by putting it all together beforehand and testing it with us at their HQ!

It’s the first time Steve and I have visited Granta Park – which is odd really seeing as Giles Landscapes maintains their landscaping and has done for the last eight years. It’s a great place and very cleverly thought out – Steve and I have heard the name mentioned thousands of times by our commercial department and it was good to finally see it.

So that is another piece of the Sandringham jigsaw puzzle solved – we will be returning to TWI at the beginning of July to test our steel out – and will bring you pictures of our attempts (gulp) so watch this space!


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