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Our Sandringham Flower Show Diary

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Monday 24th May

I’ve just been sorting out anotherelementof our garden – this year we are using reclaimed and recycled materials again but in a more contemporary way and also mixing them with new materials to show that the two can work together to create an unusual, witty and sustainable garden.

One of the new materials we have found and are really looking forward to using is recycled plastic sheets from www.smile-plastics.co.uk.The company started producing recycled plastic sheeting in 1994 and make their products out of everything from fabric softener bottles and yogurt pots to CD’s and banknotes. The one we are using is made from old gas pipes, food stuff containers and Smile Plastics own factory waste -and it isgoing to be quite subtle and understated… but for now if you want to find out more about how they make it go to www.smile-plastics.co.uk/production. The photos below show 3 of the wackier patterns – the first one made from mobile phones, the second from whole wellies (lets hope the feet were taken out first)and the third from water and gas pipes…


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