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Garrya elliptica ‘James Roof’ – silk tassel bush

Fancy a winter waterfall in your garden?… This beautiful evergreen shrub will amaze you through winter and early spring with its stunning show of silver grey catkins.Like water on the verge of freezing,they cascade down the length of this vigorous specimen, shimmering in the light and creating a stunning effect.

However be warned – although beautiful, this shrub grows big – up to 4 metres tall by the same in width and doesn’t really do a lot the rest of the year apart from making an attractive dark green foil for other plants. So if you have a small garden, this perhaps isn’t the best plant for you. (An alternative if you have acidic soil could be Stachyurus praecox – it is slightly smaller thanthe Garrya and can be trained as a wall shrub).

It is best to grow your Garrya up against awall that is protected from cold winds either in full sun or partial shade. This shrub also needs plenty of room around it so you can get the full benefit of its form. It requires little maintenance – just a light trim after flowering if needed and is tolerant of pollution and coastal conditions.

A beautiful choice for your winter garden!

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