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What a Team!!!

Initiallythe Sandringham flower show committee had the confidence toask usto design and build the showcase garden in the Royal Marquee. This is the garden that HRH The Prince of Wales visits on on his walk round of the show and is judged separately from the other show gardens on site. We also had the added bonus of having a great sponsor on boardin the shape of Marshalls Toyota Kings Lynn. Their top man Phil Saunders had thebeliefto put up sponsorship in this unstable climate – daring to tread where others feared to walk and using the opportunity to promote the launch of their British built new Auris hybrid. without Phil’s help and all the other generous donators, we would not have got garden!

Our designers and team got it completely right as per spec I had asked for. One judge even told me it was the best garden he had judged in his 20 odd years as a Sandringham judge and another in his 30 years – they loved everything about it from the colours to the choice of plants and features.

The Prince of Wales also seemed to be impressed – being fascinated by the technical elements and particularly liking the old metal ladle water feature.

But what shocked me most of all was the public’s reaction to the garden! We all thought it would be a bit of a marmite moment – people either loving or hating it – but they all seemed to love it and I would like to thank them for all their wonderful comments – its a job to believe but i didn’t hear one negative comment!

I would also like to thank my team and everyone involved from Paul Murrell and the Sandringham Committee, my team, the sponsors and donators and suppliers and everyone else involved. It was a great occasion!!

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