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Great Landscaping – Great Lunch!

I visited one of our previous projects the other day – the Greyfriars Tower in Kings Lynn.

This ancient site was a massively interesting project combining the thirteenth century tower of the Franciscan friary and the more modern Edwardian war memorial gardens.

This project meant almost entirely re-building the historic Tower which was featured and got through to the final of the BBC2 Restoration programme in 2003 and subsequently was awarded a grant for the building works that was to save the tower from demolition.

Our job was to re-create the Edwardian gardens around the War Memorial to an original design using more modern varieties of plants. it was lovely to go back there so close to the Remembrance Day celebrations and to see how the community are using it and how well it works as both a commemorative and contemplative space.

I was also delighted to see the cafe the lads used to frequentthroughout the many weeks of this build still there (albeit just re-opened) . So I popped in and had the most unbelievably good ham sandwich – none of this mass produced wafer old rubbish. The sandwich, cup of tea and great service that went with it set me up for the day! I’ve reccommended it to our lads for when they are working in the area.

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