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Roger’s Diary Update…

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Just a few things about this garden’s potential to be adapted to personal taste and cultures and developed for entertaining guests.

The coveredpergola in the corner could be replaced by a Bedouin tent, a North American sweat lodge or a Russian banya and many more variations. My son recently married a Russian girl and I very much enjoyed being entertained in the Russian culture which involved the Russian banya experience being thrashed with birch twigs and then jumping into cold water! My family also has a Canadian Indian friend and enjoyed sweat lodge ceremonies.

The water feature plunge pool in the centre of the garden coulb be adapted to a seating area with fire pit – or just a sunken lounge area to sit around a brazier or natural fire under the stars until the early hours – a very much ‘back to nature’ effect.

The planting could also be adapted to personal taste and all year interest – also a roof garden is not to be ruled out. The pool could be modified plus light weight materials could be used.

PS: I have family members who have built Russian banyas!

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