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Speed skating has finally happened in November!

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A weekend of skating, email scams and a professional luthier!

Oh yes this weekend was far from dull!

Whenever the fens freeze, the word spreads like wild fire from skater to skater all eager to get back on the ice.

This weekend saw the first brave skaters of the season taking to the earliest ice in living memory. Among them was professional luthier, Rod Ward who originates from Outwell a fen village next to Welney and it is believed that hisUncle Walterwas well up in the skating world championships. Rod was itching to get on the ice but I did have to warn him that it had only just held me and I did go through at the edge. But not to be put off, Rod took out his skates – and what skates they are! State of the art, gold plated clap skates! (For those who don’t know, clap skates are hinged at the back so you can stand on your toes when you are really going for it). Who’d have thought that a luthier well known for his success at re-producing instruments in the style of the old masters would have such modern skates! I showedhim the skates originally owned by James Smart the world champoin in the 1800’s – what a difference!

Rod told me he hadn’t skated on the Welney wash since the sharp winter of 1964 but was determined to give it a go. so off he went. He was joined later by my Son and Grand Daughter by which time the ice had frozen harder and there was Rod still happily skating on the same area of ice that Malcolm Robinson who runs the skating centre won the Turkey Smart cup on in 1997! He was cutting along really well – amazing to think this could happen in November!

After skating Rod and I had a chat about business and he mentioned to me he had recently done an expensive promotional campaign which was seriously diluted by an email scam whereby his emails in reply were being diverted. Strangely enough the same thing has happened to us recently to but we were not receiving the emails in the first place so Rod and I compared notes.

Today we are having some journalists coming over to cover the skating – I will update you later on all that. Meanwhile here’s a few pictures I took of Rod yesterday.

If you want to find out more about Rod’s violins, Violas and Cellos. please visit his website: http://www.wardviolins.com/or visit his blog: http://wardviolins.blogspot.com/

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