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Strange Happenings to do with the Fens.

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Fen Ben garden at Sandringham 2008.

This little article was triggered for the Inspire Networking Group Cambridge last week.

If the lady below was Julia Roberts, who I had light hearted banter with for 10 to 15 minutes, the only fib I told her was the woad plant in the Fen Alchemist garden was from the very spot that Queen BODICA harvested to dye her warriors with.

At the time I didn’t know who they were and they wouldn’t tell me, perhaps I should have gone to spec savers!

In 2009, we, as a company, had designed and built a Fenland Garden at RSH Chelsea Flower Show.

On the last day of the show, the Saturday afternoon, The Peoples Award was due to be announced. Everyone left the gardens and flocked to the centre building.

As I was walking away from our Fenland Garden, out of the corner of my eye, 2 figures appeared as if from nowhere! As I walked back, they were engrossed discussing the garden and did not notice me.

When I asked if I could help, they looked startled, but, started asking me many questions about the garden, after they had assured me that they were not media people. But, I suppose I was intrigued by these not unattractive, interesting ladies.

To cut a long story short, they got more out of me, about how the garden had evolved, than I had told anyone else, plus I had told them that Fen Ben’s mother was a country and western singer.

They were not very forthcoming when I tried to get more info on who they were and they became very evasive. I volunteered ‘Are you sisters’, this struck them as very amusing. Everyone else had gone, so there was no one to ask.

Then I said, to the dark haired one, ‘Come on, what do you do?’, but no answer. I looked back at the other one who blurted out that she was with The Telegraph.

It became clear they had told me a fib at the beginning, they were media people. In the end I got the other to admit she was in some way with the media, as she said I could compare her to Fen Ben’s mother.

I asked, ‘what sort of singer are you?’ She said, ‘well I was originally a jazz singer’, then they walked off.

They walked off smiling, I bet they were saying ‘what a right old fen boy, I wonder if he has got webbed feet. Did you believe half the stuff he told us?’.

When I got home, on the Sunday, the Kiwi staying in my house said ‘I was watching the show on the telly and you did not get The BBC’s Peoples Award’, to which I replied ‘No, James May got it for his plasticine garden!’. The Kiwi also said ‘Did you see Julia Roberts? She was heading your way’, I said ‘No’ and thought no more about it.

A few days later I checked out Julia Roberts website and low and behold she used to be a jazz singer!

Now let’s face it, the Kiwi who was a top World gun sheep shearer when I worked with him in the gang was always very prone to a few beers on a Saturday, he could well have mistaken somebody like Rachel de Thame approaching our garden, who has a similar, very attractive, bright smile to Julia Roberts.

Superstars of Julia Roberts status usually only attend RSH Chelsea Flower Show on members day Monday.


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