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There’s Always ‘Space’ To Grow Some Veg!

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Is your outside space too small to ‘grow your own’? Are you too busy? Have you always fancied a go at growing some vegetables but never got around to it?

Well no more excuses! If they can have a vegetable garden in space – then you can too – no matter how small your garden!

Yes believe it or not they are actually growing edible quality vegetables on the International Space Station… They have their very own garden called the Lada Validating Vegetable Production Unit or Lada for short…

They have successfully grown radishes, peas and lettuce and now have added the rather trendy Japanese salad leaf, Mizuna to their successes.

Mizuna being grown on the ISS

Mizuna being grown on the ISS

So if you want to follow in their space boots and try your hand at some easy to grow crops, Mizuna is a great one to start with.

Mizuna is a wonderful salad leaf to grow if your space is limited as it grows really well in containers. It has a mildly hot peppery taste a kind of cross between water cress and mustard and the young leaves taste lovely in a mixed salad with other herbs such as Sorrel, Rocket and Chive flowers – adding a real oomph mixed in with traditional salad leaves. You can also use the older, stronger tasting leaves in stir fries added nearing the end of cooking.

It is such an easy salad crop to grow (if you’re not in low earth orbit that is) and can be directly sown now right through to August for continual cropping.

And for all you very busy people out there – not only is the Lada greenhouse a food producing experiment – it is also researching the significant effects upon the well being of the crew and is proving to be providing a vital source of comfort and relaxation. So next time you are stressed up to the eyeballs and need a bit of TLC, why not pop into your local garden centre – reach for a packet of seeds instead of a packet of cigarettes/sweets/crisps and do a little bit of R&R space station style!

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