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Water, water, everywhere Dec 2012

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Click this link toVermydens flood defences being reinforced overthe Christmas break to guard against flooding…


As most people who know landscapers and farmerswill know, if you ask them how things are, there are goingstock answers;”not too bad”, “conditions are too wet/too dry”. As we all know, some of them are slightly pessimistic.

Well the last three years has definitely produced the most extreme differencesmost of our lives have ever seen. Two years of heavy plant losses due to complete drought, causing the ground to set likeconcrete plus 18 degree frost that wipe out the mediterranean plants that have crept in over recent years.

Now, 2012 produced the worst water-logging ever!

On new public open spacebuilding sites it’s on the cards especially where the ground workers/developers just push top soil over compacted subsoil without riping or draining, causing just as many dead plants from water-logging.



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