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What Prince Charles Really Said at Sandringham Flower Show and Other Things

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There has been a lot of networking going on lately what with the Bali Show and the PlayFair at Stoneleigh and it has all given me a great opportunity tochat to old aquaintances and friends face to face for a change and to meet new people.

WellI say old friends but I have to say they were all looking remarkably young – take Martyn Mogford for instance – he is Chairman for Gavin Jones andwas looking great! I have to take my hat off to this guy – his company clearly deals in multiples of millions on domestic projects and is doingreally wellin these tricky times.

I had my usual repartee with Chris Carr of Q Lawns– his face always falls when I tease him that HRH Prince Charles said ‘ there seems to be an awful lot of weeds on the roof’ (we were using his sedum roofing for our Sandringham garden last year) but ultimately he was pleased as were all out contributors how well the garden was received especially by the Prince who told us it was ‘very, very good’. See our film of the show and our Gold medalAward winning gardenhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_4S6K2m-s0 – filmed by my son of Cambridge Film Works.

I also met Andy Chalmers of Melcourt Mulch again – our business dealings with him have lasted 20 years and he’s not changed a bit!

As for Andy Spetch of British Sugar TopsoilI could only say good stuff to him – in the middle of this year’s drought we turfed a whole football pitch at Soham. The final top soil dressing was his especially prepared dressing for this purpose which really helped the turf get rooted in just a few days! Of course some of the credit goes to my staff for keeping it watered but together we all made a great team in this project battling against very difficult conditions andwinning resulting in a very satisfied client!

So all in all the recent networking has been great fun and a great success! Its always lovely to see familiar faces at these events and to also make new acquaintances and business contacts – in particular this year with play equipment contractors!


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