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Fenland Ice Skating - Welney

For 2015/16 ice updates and news, please Follow @Fenskaters on Twitter.

For further details click onto main fen skating site or contact Dave Smith on 01223 815077

Fenland Skating Centre/ Welney Division:

Keeping you upto date on the conditions for Welney Wash, as well as information on Whittlesey and Bury Fen as and when we receive confirmation of the conditions.


Enjoy yourselves everyone – and stay safe!

Check back here regularly for photos and skating news!

We are poised with a new sparkly website patiently waiting for the return of the ice! Lets hope it comes soon! When it does, we will be ready with locations, times and suitability reports so you can make the most of Winter!

Dominic Barker Trust Fen Scene Christmas Cards

Those of you who regularly visit this site will no doubt have read and heard about David Lowe’s epic skate down the river Delph to Purls Bridge in December 2010. Now pictures taken by David and his brother John on that skate are being used for the Dominic Barker Trust 2013 Christmas cards.

The trust is known as ‘Dom’s Fund’ and its purpose is to raise awareness of issues related to stammering.
The photos are of a frost bound River Delph and a close up shot of flying Whooper and Bewick swans and will be printed on the front and back of the cards.

If you would like to purchase some Christmas cards or find out more about the trust please follow this link: www.dominicbarkertrust.org.uk

James John Turkey Smart Cup

John Smart spent his first years in Norway House. His mother used to bring him up the river Delph Bank to Welney school, where he would wait at The Lamb and Flag to be colected by boat or pony and trap to go back at night. Although John had a very successful bussines carer in the UK and abroad, John’s love for the Fens never diminished he came back every year often staying with me. He became a great friend of with my son Adam and his wife Ecaterina . Adam and John had much in comon, both discendents of famous skating families the Smarts and the Horns.

Sadly John has told us, at nintytwo living near his son in the West Country, he is not well enough to ever visit the place he loves again! Both Adam and I have recently talked to him on the phone giving him local news, plus the editor of the Welney News sends him a copy wich he reads from cover to cover.

We are very dissappointed that he will not be staying with us in the future.

Roger Giles 13/2/13

Roger Giles 13/2/13

Some Archive footage of Recent Years:

One great way to get in shape for this winter’s skating is inline skating, as demonstrated here by David Lowe, the land agent for SnOasis. David skated the 20 mile guided bus way into Cambridge averaging 8 miles per hour on inline roller blades.

Its strange to think that this time last year we only had two weeks to wait until there was skating on real ice in the Fens… Could history repeat itself?

guided busway
guided busway

Here’s another great link from David Lowe touring abroad – Scandinavian style cross country skating!


And another one from the Eastern Daily Press: http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/get_your_skates_on_it_s_lunch_on_ice_at_welney_1_748218

Fenland Skating for the first time in 5 years!

73-240-257-0-0-240-257Gary Evison Contracts Manager at Giles Landscapes CMS, is British in line skating championship bronze medal winner, seen skating at Welney wash Tuesday 6th January 2009.
For the first time in 5 years last winter, part of Welney Wash was used as an ice skating rink.

Skating enthusiasts used to enjoy skating on the Wash every year, but recent mild winters have meant no skating has taken place there since the end of 2003. Here’s hoping the 2009/10 season will be a good one!

The last Fenland Skating Championships were held in 1997, some 11 years ago, and the last major races were held way back in 1986 where the great Babs Horn (Adam Giles’ Great Uncle) ex Olympic and British skating and cycling champion presented the awards.

Last winter members of Welney and District Skating Club were delighted to find the waters frozen over and conditions good enough to skate on.

Club chairman Roger Giles from Giles Landscapes CMS, a sponsor of the skating said: “I was delighted when I saw the ice this morning and it’s been great fun to be out there again. I’ve had emails from skating enthusiasts from all over the country wanting to know about Welney Wash. We’re hopeful that the British and Fenland Skating Championships can be held at the weekend. It could be at Welney, Whittlesey or Bury Fen depending on the condition of the ice at all of these locations. It could be held on either Saturday or the Sunday – we will know more later this week.”

Organised ice skating in Britain started in the Fens, more specifically Welney.

Welney has a dedicated ice skating pub, The Lamb and Flag Inn where you can see photographs of past and present speed skating champions from the area. We have collected a bit of an archive ourselves from over the years dating back to 1850 and up and until the present.

Disclaimer: Any Skating on the Fens is done at the skaters’ own risk. No company or persons can be held responsible for any injury or loss of life. Never skate on rivers, lakes or dykes where the water depth exceeds 4 inches.

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