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  1. Speed skating has finally happened in November!

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    A weekend of skating, email scams and a professional luthier! Oh yes this weekend was far from dull! Whenever the fens freeze, the word spreads like wild fire from skater to skater all eager to get back on the ice. This weekend saw the first brave skaters of the season taking to the earliest ice …Read More

  2. Roger’s Diary

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    Skating again possible!! The social commitment we have as a company goes right back to the 70’s when the present company was in it’s formative years. I enlisted Geoff Capes to open Welney’s newly purchased sports field and pavilion when I was chairman of the fundraising committee. From then on I was heavily involved with …Read More

  3. Roger’s Diary

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    Great Landscaping – Great Lunch! I visited one of our previous projects the other day – the Greyfriars Tower in Kings Lynn. This ancient site was a massively interesting project combining the thirteenth century tower of the Franciscan friary and the more modern Edwardian war memorial gardens. This project meant almost entirely re-building the historic …Read More