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  1. Waterlogging on Construction Sites – 22/11/2012

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    This year is the worst I have experienced in all my career of landscaping. It†has,as always been aggravated on†sites where Contract†Managers,†Area†Managers†and Site†Managers†see the†building†of†a†structure through to†it’s high spec finish.†Then draw a sigh of relief “job done”. But†is ” job†done”†the†ambiance of†a†magnificent†building?† Can it then be destroyed†6†months†or†a†year†later†by†a lack lustre,†struggling,†waterlogged†landscape? [Too much water kills more plants than too little …Read More

  2. Water, water, everywhere Dec 2012

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    Click† this† link† to†Vermydens† flood† defences† being† reinforced† over†the Christmas† break† to† guard† against† flooding… http://www.elystandard.co.uk/news/gallery_environment_agency_reveals_timescale_of_flooding_risk_that_prompted_council_to_close_a1101_at_welney_1_1681756 As† most† people† who† know† landscapers† and† farmers†will know, †if† you† ask† them† how† things† are, there ††† are†† going†stock† answers;†”not† too† bad”, “conditions† are† too wet/too dry”. As† we† all† know,† some† of† them† are† slightly† pessimistic. Well† …Read More

  3. Wash Flooded – 14/11/2012

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    Welney Wash Road is one again flooded, costing us at least £270 per day in re-routing costs, plus £500 per day in lost labour. †We †of† course,† must† all† look† upon† this† as† character †building† fun.   Last †week†Johny from† raidio† Cambridge †was† in† the† yard† about†6:30† am.† Out †of† 10† or† so† vehicles it† …Read More