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  1. Lady Florence River Cruise Experience, at Orford Suffolk.

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    In one of Anne Hawkins, Inspire Group, ‘grow your tribe’ network meetings, I got more understanding of the people who attended than I had done in a years networking by other methods. Even John A Haresnape, who I never talked to. Listening to comments from others and seeing comments on the feedback, I am forming …Read More

  2. Strange Happenings to do with the Fens.

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    Fen Ben garden at Sandringham 2008. This little article was triggered for the Inspire Networking Group Cambridge last week. If the lady below was Julia Roberts, who I had light hearted banter with for 10 to 15 minutes, the only fib I told her was the woad plant in the Fen Alchemist garden was from …Read More

  3. Inspire by Anne Hawkins, Build your Tribe.

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    Thursday 9th May, Bottisham. Social media, shall we say soft sell. Annes perception was that you have to be a leader to build a tribe. The full on sales approach, i.e. I am. I have achieved this, this and this. My company is great. We are the best. These are all a Total No No. …Read More