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A Geum of a Plant!

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From sunny midsummer beacons heralding hot days and balmy nights, setting gardens alight with their fiery passion to shy pastel lanterns gently glowing in a damp corner… There are many different varieties of geum – so whether you are looking for something to thrive in a damp, shady spot or tuck into a warm, sunny bed – here’s a few of my favourites to whet your appetite….

geum PJ
Geum – Prinses Juliana

Tolerates either full sun or a little bit of shade bright tangerine flowers bobbing about on long stems filling the border with bright, enthusiastic, orange-drop smiles from June right the way through to September. Such a hard working Geum! Looks great next to purple/mauve flowering plants and likes moist but well drained soil.

Geum rivale

This shy little bloom who keeps her head down and her delicate, blushing petals a secret for you to go looking for is an understated gem of a geum!

Planted in a reliably moist part of the garden in either full sun or semi shade, this quiet early summer beauty adds gentle charm and a muted glow.

geum mrs j
Geum – Mrs J Bradshaw

The Godmother of the geum family  you don’t mess with her! Bold, confident and not for the faint hearted her scarlet petals won’t be ignored and demand pride of place at the front of the border. Give her your adoration (and some well drained soil) and in return she’ll promise you a whole summer of red hot fireworks!

Geum – Mai Tai

Like the up turned crinolines of southern belles attempting the Can- Can, these frilly, peachy petals of loveliness show you all they’ve got without waiting for an introduction! A sunny, contradiction of exuberance and gentleness holding nothing back she wants the world to see her charms! Her energy and her dance doesn’t last the summer out with her flowers fading by mid July Perhaps she knows only too well how fleeting her beauty is…

geum lemon
Geum – Lemon Drops

This juicy little geum lights up the front of a sunny border with glowing yellow lanterns lit from within by torches of bright orange stamens – little magical night-lights that will thrive and not fizzle out in moist soil.

Whichever Geum you go for give her the right growing conditions and watch her sparkle as one of the brightest jewels in your garden’s crown!

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