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And it burns, burns, burns – The Ring of Fire!

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It may be getting colder but there is alot about autumn and winter to look forward to and what better way to enjoy it than to make a fire, toast some marshmallows or sweet chestnuts and the odd jacket potato wrapped up in tin foil secreted into the glowing, crackling depths cooking away as you watch the stars…

But how to go about making a safe fire outside that won’t have the neighbours in uproar as they see flames licking their fences and soot confetti sticking to their just cleaned windows?..

A normal bonfire isn’t really that practical – great for Bonfire night but not really the easiest way of enjoying the autumnal outdoors after a hard day at work. But there are other ways of getting a real fire that are easy to manage and confine.

Back in the early 2000’s there was a big trend amongst us garden designers to include fire pits in client’s gardens. Imaginations were caught by the idea of a designated area of the garden where they could entertain all year round and central to that space was a purpose built fire pit.


But as the credit crunch struck, the fire pit’s flame fizzled out as people looked to making their garden look good on a smaller budget.

Now things are on the up again and once more the fire pit is set to come to life again – Once more, client’s are wanting to add that central focal point to their entertaining areas whether on a large scale for big parties or a more intimate design just for two.


It is a great way to add interest to your patio and can be a very useful point of focus in a design of a seating area.

However if you aren’t looking for a new garden design then a portable fire pit could be the answer…

There are so many lovely fire pits available now and they can transform your garden instantly!


Take a look at these I’ve picked out from the many available… There really is a fire pit to suit every taste and budget!

Sphere Enamelled Fire Pit with Grill – £71.99 from Homebase


Like a big funky pumpkin cut in half! This fire pit is also a grill so doubles up as a bbq too!


The English Country Ball – from £949 from The Firepit Company


For those with a bigger budget, these amazing fire balls come in lots of striking designs and they also create bespoke orders. So effective and magical!


Plain Jane Firepit Collection – from £175 from Firepits UK


I love this one (apart from the name ;) This company has an extensive range of contemporary and more traditional fire pits – but I liked this one for its simplicity – it reminds me of epic Hollywood films about Rome! A classic look that will never date.


BROKO Fire Basket – £25 from Ikea


A simple and inexpensive way of getting a cosy fire in your garden – great for two people to huddle around.


Sahara 7 Piece Firepit Dining Set – £799.99 from The Range


Need a new patio set too? How about getting a fire pit and dining set in one! You could use it as a wine cooler in summer and a fire in winter!

So there you have it – what better way of getting rid of your old garden twigs and branches than to burn them on a crisp autumn night with your loved ones and make some lovely autumn memories :)


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