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Giles Landscapes gold medals originally frightened us off.

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Giles Landscapes gold medals originally frightened us off.

We purchased our bungalow because we fell in love with the building, but we almost did not buy because the garden was a complete disaster.

So overgrown we could not see out of the windows. We further became despondent when we hired various landscapers out of local papers who agreed terms, did some works, and then tried to move the goal posts when they were on site.

In the end we bit the bullet and went to Giles Landscapes. We always knew of Giles Landscapes, but the media coverage of high profile projects, gold medals at Chelsea etc put us off, we expected they would not be interested in smaller to medium projects such as ours, also costs would be prohibitive.

But from the original representative who called, it was simple, seamless and cost effective, plus a pleasure to have a great bunch of hardworking lads on site, from then onwards my only chore was to brew tea.

Firstly, I got advice from them on the most cost effective way to go forward, which was complete clearance first, then look at what could be done.

They came in with a mini digger and stump grinders and, by mutual agreement, built a root atrium in an unusable corner by way of recycling waste for the wild life habitat.

On the second phase I had discussions on materials, at this meeting a scaled sketch up was done, which included raised beds and slab paths all the way round, building walls and quarry tiles in front porch and shed bases, plus turfed areas, this meant there was no big design fee.

Raised bed under construction

The garden is the envy of our neighbours, giving us a comfortable feeling in the fact we now have what we wanted.

We ticked every box as excellent in the satisfaction questionnaire. Well done to the lads, they worked their hearts out, I can thoroughly recommend them.

To give us more comfort, Giles Landscapes are looking after the garden for a further season.

Frank Haslam

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