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Memories of Sandringham Flower Show

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Last week saw the annual Royal Sandringham Flower Show welcome visitors to it’s 134th show!

Although it isn’t an RHS show, it has an immense and very loyal following and is attended every year by HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall who are often accompanied by a famous guest or two. Along with garden judges Chris Beardshaw and Alan Mason.

The show traces it’s beginnings back to the Edwardian era when Edward the VII who had been given Sandringham by Queen Victoria 20 years before had the idea of introducing a flower show for all the tenants on the estate as a way of encouraging them to keep their gardens well managed and take pride in their properties. The show is now open to everyone and has become a very prestigous date in the gardening calendar. Even though it now attracts garden designers and horticulturists from all over East Anglia, it still manages to hold onto its Edwardian charm somehow and that’s what makes it my favourite flower show… Unlike other shows, it’s actually a very relaxing day out if you’re a visitor… As an exhibitor it is a lovely, friendly and really enjoyable experience. The two gardens we have created there have left some great memories behind – from the build up and actual show during the one scorching hot week of the 2008 summer…


Where the plants and us had a hard time to keep from wilting and HRH Prince Charles came to chat and shake our hands one evening when we were all filthy and sweaty and nearly delirious from the heat and hard work – we still don’t know if he was a mirage or not :)

To the humid, and often challenging moments of building a large show garden in a marquee for our 2010 build.


When we dug a metre deep hole in the Queen’s back yard and became guilty of cruelty to landscape operatives by setting up an industrial heater in an already boiling marquee in the hope of drying out an array of building materials and assorted gloop.

Both experiences were so different from each other but equally as enjoyable.

If you want to see more about our Sandringham escapades – visit our Sandringham 2008 or our Sandringham 2010 pages to check out more photos and a video or alternatively check out our ‘Shows’ category on this blog for our Sandringham Diary entries and read all the nitty gritty about our 2010 Sandringham experience.


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