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Our Sandringham Flower Show Diary

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21st May 2010

Nothing is ever simple or straightforward in the world of show gardens and we have had another challenge this week. We have had to change our design (only a little) to make it more comfortable in money terms (i.e cheaper!!!) :O So we have decidedto reduce the amount of tiles we are using and introduce another material we came across on our reclamation yard travels. This meant a total re-draw to balance out the areas and work out the newspacings. To be honest it will probably be better this way… possibly…. hopefully!

Meanwhile Angela from Q lawns has kindly sent over some photos of our Enviromat so we can see how it is getting along. .. rather well by the looks of it.… in case you’re wondering, the ladybird is a very integral part of the design – he is called Cecil – he is from Norfolk and his hobbies are fly fishing and eating out.

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