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Skate Search – Can You Help?

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As most of you know, one of my dear friends is John Smart – Grandson of the world champion speed skater,James Smart. Well John is in the process of creating an archive about the Smart’s sporting history but needs some help with one particular area:

It is believed thatJames trained on something called ‘Road Skates’ – these were a kind of precursor to in-line skates and were designed and used in the Victorian era.

John is searching for close up photos of these skates for his archive and would love it if we could find him a photo or two. So if anyone out there has a pair of these skates that they wouldn’t mind us photographing or perhaps already has photos they could send – could you please contact me at

Any help would be greatly appreciated – Fen skating is such an enormous part of Fen history and by archiving the information, we keep it alive for future generations!

Check out our Fen Skating pages on our website for skating archives and loads of Fen skating information and up to the minute Ice reports.


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