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Wash Flooded – 14/11/2012

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Welney Wash Road is one again flooded, costing us at least £270 per day in re-routing costs, plus £500 per day in lost labour.

†We †of† course,† must† all† look† upon† this† as† character †building† fun.


Last †week†Johny from† raidio† Cambridge †was† in† the† yard† about†6:30† am.† Out †of† 10† or† so† vehicles it† was† sods† law† 5† projects† were† south† of† the† flooded† Welney†Wash†, situated †on† A1101† Wisbech†to
Bury St.† Edmunds Road.


One †project† was† Granta Park, Great Abingdon††due† south. Another † two† were† were† in† middle †of† Cambridge – Jesus†College† & Pembrooke† College, as well as the Skanska development at Addenbrookes Road††on the South side of Cambridge.† Also† Newmarket Road Park & Ride†on the East side of Cambridge.††Normally, †without† the† road† being† flooded,† we† would† arrive †at† all† projects†well† before† 8 am† gaining† the advantage† of† missing† the† peak† road† congestion.

Now †the† truck† that† raidio† Cambridge† intervied† and† tracked†† all† the† way† round† to† miss the flood, lost† that† advantage† and† unbelievably† did† not† make† the† Cambridge Park & Ride before††9 am with †the extra† mileage† costs††(70 miles per day) for just that one vehicle! With the †other† 4† vehicles,†it† was† only††£50† per vehicle.


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