FAQs (Private Garden Design and Build) 

Questions answered by Giles Landscapes Senior Garden Designer

How much does a design cost? 

That depends on the size and complexity of the garden but to give you some idea, a small, simple garden design would start at approximately £200 whilst an estate would cost in excess of £1500. However, this would be refundable on installation of the design by our groundsmen. This would be determined by your garden designer on their first visit so you know the cost right from the start.

How long does the garden design process last? 

Usually our lead time on designs is four to six weeks although this may increase in summer and decrease in winter depending on our volume of work.

What does the garden design process actually involve? 

It all starts with a phone call! Once we have had a chat about your garden, we will then offer you a free consultation – this is so your designer can put together a client brief that will form the basis of your design. At this stage your designer will also give you an idea of costs before going away and writing up your client brief, quote and contract. Once you have received this package and have returned your contract to us, the next stage is a site survey along with a photo survey with your permission.

From the brief, we will then design your garden and create a bill of quantities which is then passed with the drawings to our estimating team who will put together an itemised quote. This will be presented to you along with your design and any other material we have put together for you.

We will then present the package to you, answering any questions about the design, quote or build and then leave the designs with you for you to look at in more detail and discuss. Once you are happy with the design and should you then wish us to go ahead and build your garden we will send you the relevant paperwork and book a mutually agreeable start date.

How long does the build take? 

That depends on the size and complexity of the garden design. Usually it takes between 2 and 4 weeks but larger projects can take months. We will communicate with you throughout the build so you know what is going on and to ensure that you are happy at every stage.