Garden Features

From ponds and water features to gazebos and follies, garden features stamp your own personal mark on your garden and are an integral part of the overall garden design and feel of the space.

Garden features are often used as focal points throughout the space — providing the eye with somewhere to rest and also as a reward for wandering through the garden. Seats can be placed to view areas of interest, hidden away from neighbours’ windows for an increased sense of privacy whilst cooling pools can add another dimension and a touch of formality or informality depending on the design and purpose desired.

Mystery is an important part of any garden and half hidden focal points coming into view as you explore your space excite the senses and give a sense of space and exploration.

There is also a growing trend for art in the garden from a strategically placed urn to a piece of bespoke sculpture, this reflects the owners personality and taste and if chosen and lit carefully, can really enhance the garden.